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Vision: It’s in all of us | atrain
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Vision: It’s in all of us

Some of us will run, some will walk, some will meander, some of us will just sit, and some will run in circles. We all share a common thread as human beings. We are purpose driven. At first we were driven to attain what Maslow deemed some of the basic tenants of life; including food, shelter and reproduction.

Obviously we have moved well beyond this as we look at how this relates to Sports and Success in Life. This is where things get interesting. So we know we are driven and destine for something. Some may know by the age of 5 years old. While others are 60 years old and are still on thier journey home. The point here is that it is ours, yours, everyone’s due diligence even your DUTY to be seeking, listening, and smelling out the true Vision, Destiny or Dharma of our/your path. To not be listening for this and trying to understand or make our Vision more clean is at the Crux of all anxiety, negativity, and ill will.

In Sports Vision is Crucial and it is the center point for which all success and or failure hinges. Those with a True Vision of where they are going or what they want no matter how big or seemingly impossible have the most peace, direction, happiness, love and success. Yes sure there will be failures and pitfalls along the way, but resiliency in these matters is what actually creates the happiness and success behind it all.

So how do we find our Vision if it is not apparent. Like searching for Precious minerals or metals (gold), we don’t frenetically dig around randomly, and we don’t rush. We intentionally set a mind to this aspect of finding our Vision by creating TIME and SPACE to explore that which drives us, that which creates that exciting feeling buried deeper within us and bubbles up as we dream and invite our Vision to fuller expression. This concept of creating time and space is more specifically seen in deeper reflection. Creating space and time looks like sitting and purposefully looking at your wants and desires in different aspects of your life. In sports you are looking at your 1 to 5 to 10 year vision down the road. You must physically create empty time and space to accomplish this reflection. Challenge yourself to sit with yourself for an hour a day or a week, whatever you can make work, but commit to it until your vision begins to unfold. Some even take on the task of creating a vision board.

As an individual athlete we dream big beyond what our physical world and external environment tells us. We erase all the constrictions and boundaries; not big enough, too slow, it’s too much, small town. Whatever the road block may be we begin to whittle it down until we get closer to the right fit. This is the way of Vision.

For a team we come together to create a shared vision and we commit to this shared vision with full intention. Without a full commitment to this shared vision we are very vulnerable to it quickly falling apart. We are weak at the seams. One misplaced piece disrupts the FLOW of the team’s vision. We are committed in our time frame, our process and determination. We are committed to helping those individuals on the team who have lost their way NO MATTER what.

Ami Strutin-Belinoff, M.A., LMFT

Mental Peak Performance Training


Ami Strutin-Belinoff

Mental Peak Performance Training

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