Maybe as a kid sports was my way of getting out of the house. Not sure. But I took to the field as soon as I started walking home from school. I loved using my body and I loved working toward some kind of excellence. Competition was always a driver. The fun, joy, defeat, repair, and overcoming the odds in sports always drew me to the field.

I played competitive team sports, ski racing, basketball, and volleyball. I went to college in Colorado at Colorado State University and studied psychology and exercise sports science. Then I came west and waited tables while I went to Antioch College and got a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Another in School Psychology.

When I moved from Colorado to San Diego I got involved in surfing, yoga, volleyball and Cycling and mountain biking. My meditation practice deepened. Mind, breath and spirit became more important in my matrix of what made for a peak performance.

Why I love what I do

I worked with the San Diego Public schools for nine years, dealing primarily with psychological problems in youth. I’ve also spotted a lot of latent talent and watched it get battered in family and domestic situations, drugs, bad habits and negative mindsets.

In 2012 beach volleyball became an NCAA competitive sport. And 692 West Beach Volleyball has become one of the biggest players in this growing sport. I’ve worked with them since their inception, training young women athletes to qualify for athletic scholarships and learn to become professionals. My scope of practice involves Bio and  Neurofeedback. I’ve talked at Sports Psychology forums, I write a blog where I talk about mind, body, energy and spirit.

My proficiency in assessment, intuition and a deep respect for the body/mind connection drive my methodology.. My continued participation in beach volleyball, mountain biking, cycling, skiing, hiking, surfing, backcountry activities and yoga keeps me connected to sports and competition.

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My goal

Work with Athletes desiring movement from Good to Great to Elite.

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My Professional Qualifications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: LMFT 43606
Neurofeedback didactic certification: BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance)
Master’s, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University
Master’s, School Psychology, National University
Bachelor’s, Psychology and Sports Medicine, Colorado State University
Board Member of the San Diego County of Mental Health
Member of CAMFT California Marriage and Family Therapists
Professional Member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Member of San Diego Sport Psychology Associates.
Currently Working with 692 West Beach Volleyball.