“I can’t begin to express my gratitude towards Ami for what he provides my daughter and the positive impact it has made on our family.  He has many gifts – he fully listens; he provides genuine compassion; and he offers insights, guidance, and direction that motivates others to take action in a calm, yet professional and well-informed manner.  He conveys a sense that he truly cares about the athlete and ultimately, the person he is working with.  The skills that he has taught and inspired my daughter to practice truly have elevated her level of play.  He provides my daughter with a safe, stable, and healthy relationship for her to address the challenges and multi-faceted stresses she experiences as a high school athlete.  My daughter appears calmer, more positive, and more proactive in practicing healthy choices which has improved family communication, stress levels, and overall harmony.  The impact of his work is life altering.”

Warmly, Steph

My Experience

I have worked with individuals one on one, with teams, with organizations, coaches, team owners – with start-ups and with established sports enterprises.

I have comprehensive experience in substance abuse, family dynamics, depression and performance anxiety, a decade working with young athletes and behavioral health issues in multicultural settings.

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My goal

Work with Athletes desiring movement from Good to Great to Elite.

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