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May | 2016 | atrain
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May 2016

Know Thyself: An Athlete’s Path to Success

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When your body breaks down and injuries occur we have doctors, science, blood tests, MRI’s, CT scans, and X-rays to diagnose, assess and remedy the problem.

What happens when your body feels great and you feel strong, but your results are “eh” and your game is flat and stagnant? What do you do when everyone says, “you’re good, you have great potential, you’re athletic,” but you just can’t produce? Read More

Vision: It’s in all of us

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Some of us will run, some will walk, some will meander, some of us will just sit, and some will run in circles. We all share a common thread as human beings. We are purpose driven. At first we were driven to attain what Maslow deemed some of the basic tenants of life; including food, shelter and reproduction. Read More

Inner Voice/Mantra: Gandhi shows us how

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“When done systematically, mantra has a powerful effect on the brain. It gathers and focuses the energy of the mind. It teaches the mind to focus on one point and it cultivates the steadiness that over time becomes an unshakable evenness of temper. When the mind is steadied it is not shaken by fear”. (Stephen Cope).” Read More

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