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The What if Runway

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By Ami Strutin Belinoff M.A., LMFT, CMPC

All of us at one point or another have found ourselves on the “What if Runway.” Some of us have spent hours, days or even years on this runway. Stuck, waiting, unsure and paralyzed by, what if? Most often when we find ourselves here the What If is one of fear, catastrophe, or dire indecision. 

We can all relate to being stuck on the tarmac. If you have ever been on it waiting to get to your destination you know the feeling well. When we will get going? How is this going to affect all my plans? Will I have to be stuck next to this person in my ear for the next couple of hours? When will the kids stop hitting my seat? What If we don’t take off at all? Then what will I do? 

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