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Peak performance in the critical moment.

“I believe mind makes the difference when it comes to the winning millimeter, the final point, a peak performance or the satisfaction of a game well played.”

Ami Strutin Belinoff; M.A. LMFT  Mental Peak Performance Consultant 

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 “A wining performance comes from a prepared mind. That kind of mind is supple and light. It can help an athlete feel his or her way though a critical moment, intuit the next move, focus, relax. And win.”

Ami Strutin Belinoff; M.A. LMFT  Mental Peak Performance Consultant 

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“All competing athletes are good athletes. Mind makes them great. Breath leads mind. Mind leads body.”

The What if Runway

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By Ami Strutin Belinoff M.A., LMFT, CMPC

All of us at one point or another have found ourselves on the “What if Runway.” Some of us have spent hours, days or even years on this runway. Stuck, waiting, unsure and paralyzed by, what if? Most often when we find ourselves here the What If is one of fear, catastrophe, or dire indecision. 

We can all relate to being stuck on the tarmac. If you have ever been on it waiting to get to your destination you know the feeling well. When we will get going? How is this going to affect all my plans? Will I have to be stuck next to this person in my ear for the next couple of hours? When will the kids stop hitting my seat? What If we don’t take off at all? Then what will I do? 

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Volleyball Gear Up: 5 Mental Steps to Tournament Success

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This article was originally posted on Bride Athletic

It’s getting close to that time of the season when teams have done their due diligence with strength training, perfecting skills sets, and running offensive and defensive schemes. The goal is to translate all that practice into tournament-winning volleyball that is not compromised by nerves or mental errors. We will break down some simple but effective mental skills-training principles to incorporate into your team’s practice as we approach some big tournaments.

Gain a mental edge with these simple principles

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Know Thyself: An Athlete’s Path to Success

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When your body breaks down and injuries occur we have doctors, science, blood tests, MRI’s, CT scans, and X-rays to diagnose, assess and remedy the problem.

What happens when your body feels great and you feel strong, but your results are “eh” and your game is flat and stagnant? What do you do when everyone says, “you’re good, you have great potential, you’re athletic,” but you just can’t produce? Read More

“I work from an extensive academic background in cognitive behavioral psychology, a decade of in-office and on field clinical practice – and my own experience as an athlete. ”

Ami Strutin Belinoff; M.A. LMFT  Mental Peak Performance Consultant 

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In your office or mine. On the field. From a distance via Skype or phone and other real time communication programs. 

Once we begin working together I will and complete an introductory assessment, I will work with you to identify strengths and weakness, a way of maximizing potential and overcoming obstacles through a technique and mental training program that will work for you, your mindset and the athletic performance you want to achieve. The goal is to work with the whole you to establish your peak performance.

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