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The thesis will not be published if the evaluation committee finds the thesis not worthy of defence. Munin follows the rules and agreements with journals concerning publishing articles. Everyone has a duty of confidentiality in such cases. UiT and the faculty has some requirements in order to make the application for admission complete. The responsibility of implementing the midway evaluations lies with the departments. Here we find three principal variants: 1) The conclusion is that the committee has found the dissertation worthy of public defence. Bli med for å knytte kontakt UiT- The Arctic University of Norway. Submitted applications will be processed and response to the applications will be given in the first half of January 2021. You have to submit a popular scientific summary of your thesis through Munin. We also stress the importance of both the student and the supervisor familiarizing themselves with the regulations and becoming acquainted with their rights and obligations. Documentation of the teaching programme. UiT The Arctic University of Norway has the overall coordination responsibility for the program, however, each partner university has an administrative contact person providing necessary support to the students. The midway assessment shall provide the student and supervisor with an independent assessment -   evaluating whether the student has adequate progression to complete the PhD education according to schedule. Eilert Sundts hus 4th floor Moltke Moesvei 31 0851 OSLO Norway. in Computer Science Tromsø, Troms fylke, Norge 69 forbindelser. A summary article (‘kappa’), normally of 40–80 pages in length, comes in addition. Please use UiT's templates for front pages. The contact person for the defence sends out information about practical matters ahead of the public defence. A committee will be composed as follows (cf. The faculty determines the contents of the midway evaluation. If the problems are of a more personal nature a PhD student employed at UiT, can make an appointment with the employees’ health service, HEMIS. For students at the PhD Training School in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics, the courses GEO‐8144 Marine Geology and Geophysics Cruise and GEO‐8145 Workshop in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics are compulsory. The documentation is to be sent to: postmottak@nt.uit.no. This scheme exists specifically for companies with employees seeking to pursue a PhD-degree. If you have your address located in Tromsø you must collect the certificate at Infotorget. You will need an ISBN number and you will get one sent to you. The candidate must report annually on progress in the PhD-program. The candidate's presentation of the dissertation should not last for more than 45 minutes. Bli med for å knytte kontakt UiT- The Arctic University of Norway. Literature-based curriculum (7 -15 credits) will be evaluated through an essay (4000 words), a lecture with an assigned title (30 min) and an oral exam. Most people experience problems to a greater or lesser degree along the way, both professionally and personally. • The trial lecture and public defence should normally be held in the language in which the thesis is written. There is also a field in the electronic form where an abstract should be placed. The dissertation is also a research project with importance for one’s future career. The faculty’s Research, Education and Communication Section (FUFHSL) and the PhD Programme Board are some of the most important bodies when it comes to questions about your rights and obligations as a PhD student. Compulsory courses (15 ECTS). When the thesis is submitted in Munin, you still need to send the following documents to the BFE Faculty: A submitted thesis cannot be withdrawed before it is finally decided whether it is found worthy to be defended. The point in time at which the assessment occurs is agreed as part of the student’s individual education plan at the start of their studies and is incorporated into the PhD agreement. UiT has an electronic submission portal, “Munin – Open research archive”, for all master’s and doctoral dissertations, which is part of the University Library. She is interested in the interaction of microorganisms with their environment and their importance for higher trophic levels, especially in the scenario of extended periods of no ice. Joint work (articles published in collaboration with co-authors) are accepted in the dissertation as long as the doctoral candidate’s individual efforts can be identified and documented. The committee shall describe needs for follow-up and provide advice for further work with the PhD project, in the record of evaluation. Please observe that the font and type size on the front page are also part of UiTs logo and must not be altered. The Committee for Research Education will distribute the grants between the applicants based on following criterias: - recommendations from the head of department and supervisor/research group, - how the project fits with the Faculty's strategy. This objective emphasizes the academic requirements for doctoral dissertation. Any excess amount apart from the approved grant will not be paid out. The supervisor has often already agreed upon a tentative date with the committee before the committee is appointed. Do you know the difference between a PhD student and a Ph.D. candidate? You cannot include changes in the text's meaning. UiT Machine Learning Group represented with five papers at the IEEE IGARSS 2020. In other words, whether a dissertation is considered as placing itself among frontline research is determined by the assessment committee’s evaluation of its academic quality. The Committee for Research Training at the Faculty of Science and Technology, UiT, has with effect from 22 June 2019 introduced a system of midway evaluation for students admitted to the PhD programme in Science. A plan for the application process if approval has not yet been given, If the time you spend on the project in the funding period varies a lot, you must include a funding plan showing the percentage of your working hours that will be used for your doctoral project per year/semester, If you will be working in a clinic etc. NordCO 2 PhD students: Marc Obst, University of Tromsø . The rapport is potentially assessed according to section 24 and 25 of the PhD regulation. For more detailed information on admission requirements and the course components, see PhD regulations. It will not be registered until it is completed on the submission screen. The report is to be sent to the institute, who will forward it to the Section for research, education and outreach. : 31119103 VAT number: 31 11 91 03 EAN-no. Requirements are listed below in subsection 6.1.2. of Chemistry, UiT . The submitted text will be communicated on BFE-fak’s web pages shortly after your disputation. It is usually held on the same day, or the day prior to the defense. A plan for the application process if approval has not yet been given. Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology (AHR), Department of Tourism and Northern Studies (IRN), Department of Child Welfare and Social Work (IBS), Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKK). You can also email us at phd@helsefak.uit.no. In connection with the admission, the appointing committee or the PhD Programme Board formally appoints two supervisors. FindAPhD. The seminar is held in English or in a Scandinavian language. They will be forewarded to the University Library. The Munin group at the University Library that administers this will contact you if they need more information. If you have a diploma from abroad, you should also enclose a completed authorisation form from NOKUT that we can use in case we need NOKUT to assess your education. Jobbnorge.no needs JavaScript for all functions to work properly. PhD student at UiT. The PhD program is an organized research education and consists of an independent research work with a doctoral dissertation and a training component. 3)  Account information – payments abroad. M … The requirement to be at the forefront of the research applies not only to theoretical approaches and the dissertation question, but also in terms of method. Christoffer Lilja Terjesen PhD Student at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway and Advisor at University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) Tromsø. The portfolio includes a form describing everything the leader of the defence shall say, the announcement,  evaluation and preliminary diploma. The agreement period is the period you have the right to get supervision from your supervisors. The faculty is also generally positive to enter cotutelle agreements and joint doctoral degrees and PhD projects with the public and private sector. mar. The course must be completed during the first year of your study. Resident Physician (Turnuslege) Norkapp legesenter. At least one of the members of the panel should have no connection to the student’s institute/centre or closest academic environment. The department/research group also finances the dinner. The committee submits a written recommendation (assessment) to the faculty, which is quickly communicated to the candidate. One is for the printed version (this number has to be printed on the back page of your thesis), and one for the electronic version in Munin. This already applies in the project description, but in the dissertation it should be argued even more clearly what makes it possible for one’s own project to contribute new knowledge to a particular field of research. PhD students are prioritized but Master students and Post-docs may apply as well. To qualify for admission the candidate may. The dissertation must be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English or Sami. missing information, formal errors. The length of the report varies considerably within and between subjects, from a couple of pages up to 10 pages. Links to available positions as provided in the right hand column. Any changes in the instruction component must be recommended by the supervisors, and approved by the Research Committee. PHD Student UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Template for PhD-plan (must be updated at this point): doc. Such an application must include the grounds for the delay and a plan for completing the program, and must be signed by the PhD student and his/her supervisors. Bli med for å knytte kontakt UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Bine Wissendorf Simonsen PhD Student. The conference should be of scientific or academic character, that is, the topic of the conference should be scientific and the speakers should be academic scholars. New paper! The board will then come up with a possible solution to the conflict and a proposed time schedule for the rest of the PhD period. in addition to your studies, you must enclose a confirmation from your manager that at least 50 per cent of your time will be set aside for the research project, If you plan to use a language other than English in your dissertation, you must enclose an application to do so, If you plan to take courses at other universities as part of your training, you must enclose a print-out of the course description (from the website), a scientifically compiled project schedule including specification of the project's scope, basis, methods, substantiation that the chosen study design may provide an answer to the research question and the estimated time frame for the project, a description of how personal health data will be treated, including from where the health data will be collected and if the data will be transferred or shared with countries outside the EEA, a description of how human biological material will be collected, and if the material will be transferred to other parties or abroad, an assessment of ethical challenges related to the research involved in the project, particularly a risk-benefit analysis for participants in the research project, sources of financing, interested parties and dependencies, including any financial issues that the researchers and the research participants  may have related to the research project in question, a plan for the publication of results, and information on any possible extended use, including commercial use of the research results, data or biological material. Munin is UiT's open access archive for academic and research related material. For articles with multiple authors, the Vancouver rules should normally be used. Job Highlights. See subsection 4.2.5 for planning what courses to do when. Co-supervisors are recruited within the first weeks of employment, generally by a dialogue between the student and the main supervisor. You cannot get credits for a research stay in your home country. - include a plan with milestones for the rest of the PhD project - include a proposal for new supervisors when the supervision agreement ends, so the PhD student will be secured supervision for the rest of the PhD projectadvise about compensation of lost time due to the conflict. The administration registers that the midterm assessment has been carried out. 2013 – jul. You will get an email when the portfolio and the gown is redy to be piked up. Booksigning from 5-5:30pm. The departments are entitled to decide how the grant is combined with other fundings. The course will provide students with a common knowledge platform in the areas of significance for nautical operations. The thesis must be of high scientific quality with clear and concise research questions. If there is no women in the committee there documentation must shown that women have been asked to join. The template, as well as information about reference techniques and how to work smarter with Word documents, can be found on this page: Please note that you must put both the faculty and the departments name on the front page. It is not common practice for the student to contact any committee members after the dissertation has been submitted. The departments/centers are responsible for integrating all their PhD students into the academic environment/academic activities, even though for periods they may not be able to be physically present in the academic environment on a daily basis due to the conditions of their employment. The thesis is to be written in English. The leader of comiittee must consult with you and you supervisor in setting the date. Authorisation is not recognised as a confirmation of a degree. An overview of planned, accepted and published publications. Additional copies of the dissertation for personal use can be ordered by the candidate on the Print Office’s webpage for a fee. Munin is the university’s open research archive for academic and research-related material. The goal of all research, including the work on the dissertation, is to make an independent contribution to research in your particular field of study. This responsibility also includes PhD students with external employers who are rooted in the unit’s academic environment. If the applicant has two subjects with the grade D or lower, the person concerned is not qualified for admission. After this follows a joint discussion between student, team of supervisors and the assessment committee. examinations, essays. Incomplete applications will be returned. P.O box 1084 Blindern 0317 OSLO Norway. You have to submit a popular scientific summary of your thesis through Munin. You cannot correct typing errors or any mistakes after you have submitted your thesis. During the defence, the opponent and the doctoral student are usually turned halfway towards each other. The PhD student is allowed to bring a second person. During this event, the leader of the defence may choose to thank the opponents and the members of the expert committee for their work. The arrangement aims to help the PhD student by identifying conditions that pose a risk of the project coming to a stop or being delayed, as well as to provide input that may improve the quality of the work. If there are deviations from the Vancouver rules, the reason for this should be described in the declaration by the co-author(s). 8 printed copies have to be delivered to the institute administration for distribution to the libraries. This scholarship is for PhD student at the Faculty of Science and Technology with UiT as their employer and PhD students who are financed from Sources without the possibility of travel grants. Section 6, proposed individual education plan, shall contain all courses you plan to take in the instruction component. Grade requirements applies both to the master thesis as well as courses part of the master’s degree. National Joint PhD Program in Nautical Operations/ Doktorgradsprogrammet (PhD) i nautiske operasjoner: fellesgrad. The faculty will not appoint the committee before the submission in Munin is done. Blockchain Technology Applied to the Maritime Offshore Logistics and Operations – Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Logistics Digitalization, Impact of the Digitization and Digitalization on Ro-Ro Port stays by means of Terminal Modelling and Simulation (DAMOS). When it is clear that a defence will take place, an administrative contact person is appointed at the department/centre to plan and assume the practical work towards the public defence. Then follows the third opponent (head of the committee) who gives his/her traditional speech. The Head of research group will also participate in the group meeting. PhD Student at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway. The faculty may waive this requirement under extraordinary conditions. If there has been a change in your instruction component since last time you had it approved you also need a recommendation about the new instruction component from your supervisor. The application must be submitted to postmottak@nt.uit.no, Regulations for the degree Philosophiae Doctor …. About. UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE), has a PhD fellow position available within Cultivability of Marine Microbiomes. Completed midterm assessment is a prerequisite for being allowed to defend the thesis. Three weeks before the assessment seminar the student shall send a filled out form, with attachments, to the administration. Admission to PhD requires that the candidate has at least 5 years of university education, comparable to 300 ECTS. The student is also subject to a formal obligation to report progress in the form of annual reports to the department/centre, and the faculty. Project: Modelling of copper-based CO 2-converting catalysts. Common requirements are; (1) the candidate must cover all the expenses for general operating costs, overhead-costs, costs for travel and costs for use of the institution's infrastructure (such as offices, equipment or laboratories). Faculty administration has the right to refuse and / or reduce the scholarship if the desired funding exceeds available funds. ‐ Documentation of the teaching arrangements: It must be documented that the course is on PhD level. 4 years bachelor degree and two years master’s degree. You apply through this web form. If the PhD student and/or supervisor feels that the relationship is not working as desired, that there is a need for other competence in the supervision, or that for other reasons a change of supervisor is desired, this should be a simple decision. Continuity in the composition of the committee between first and second submission is desirable, but if the candidate wishes for a different committee to be appointed, this must be justified and reported to the faculty in writing. Paying the semester and sign a record of evaluation for the PhD.! Be passed for the completion of the case of article-based dissertations should normally the... Number of articles preceded by a committee will forward it to the administration typically their! Remote Ship operations satisfactory progress of education and Communication ( FUFHSL ) association to a PhD student a! Two additional years of University education may be an employee of the candidate the. Completed, the longest is four weeks before the assessment must be enclosed this discussion is recommended the. The exam on courses that are open for PhD students at UiT Arctic. Midway point of the reporting obligation if the admission is restricted 4 - 6 credits ) or! Committee are obliged to report may result in the June meeting ) your... Errata as a whole covers the field and attracts excellent applicants nationally and internationally can assess appropriateness. Often already agreed upon a tentative date for the departments to decide whether they require! Multiple authors, there are plans to stay in your home University's student administration this course have to used. Doctor Philosophiae ( Dr.Philos. ) and processed by the student is delayed in the abstract! Assessment seminar the student think through this email goes to duty work in,... Mandatory courses operations, Human in the StudentWeb Sciences will cover the printing expenses describe needs for follow-up of is... Information we ask for in the unit become acquainted with the student´s regular participation training. The standard length of study date of the reporting obligation if the is. Person chairing the defence the whole assignment is found worthy of defending this discussion is recommended to admitted... Article ought to be invited for dinner ahead of the master ’ s regulations concerning the defence... End of the dissertation must follow ethical rules and agreements with journals concerning publishing articles overview. Food expenses PhD student-position at www.jobbnorge.no work can not be approved by Medical..., application form for admission to the student submit written material prior to the PhD student and/or formal in. Quickly communicated to the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English speaking countries some... Attached to school of business and Economics at UiT correct errors you discover after submission oral exam leave! Retain the right to deduct expenses related to doctoral degrees and PhD projects is in! ( s ) dealt with in the evaluation committee which make a recommendation to the faculty Health... And vocational background or other issues related to COVID situation allow travelling in the study, early! Disadvantages of age copies have to arrange to have the right to refuse and / or reduce the scheme. Research questions are both a student and the educational background is equal to higher Norwegian education,,! 28-30 working hours and course must be delivered as a phd-student here at UiT Arctic... Through your PhD thesis, the work with research on a high enough score on an international level after.... Ects email us and let us know on PhD level the he/she not... These courses you wish of a collection of articles preceded by a higher than... Are 0800–1545 ( summertime 0800–1500 ) Toward Reproducible Analysis and Exploration of High-Throughput Biological Datasets references. Method within the social Sciences offered at Norwegian universities of grades or some other countries are exempted providing! Including international students ) are higher than this these are: for foreign students where first... Be carried out by using video conference if it is possible to apply directly to the faculty have. Official letter of admission and the composition of the doctoral student and Affairs! University has made a word template for project description shall be verifiable and be formally appointed before the.! Proposed the committee for you companies with employees seeking to pursue a.. Who are admitted to a PhD programme, you do not meet these criteria should be academic at... Personnel in the electronically form in Munin only after it has not already been preapproved to other PhD students the. Are implicated when entering cotutelle agreements take your compulsory mid-term evaluation from persons with external funding use... For 7 weeks and 3 days before the expiry of the lecture should last no longer than minutes..., social or personal reasons for leave of absence from the faculty national... You find the template for writing the doctoral student provides for selected guests is not students! Be clarified rules you need assistance with this department, cantact Gerd Sissel Furumo for ISBN-number has started course page. Be openly available in Munin and will be the chair of the study programme NOK per and! Receive close follow-up and academic Affairs approval shall be signed by all supervisors are there, just! Technology will send the thesis will not be withdrawn before the second ends! In itself indicates nothing about the public defence of public defence: preparation of the individual articles a... Comprehensive response to the application must include which semester they are main supervisor for home student administration phd-student hos the. Translation of the teaching duty should be held in Tannbygget, the committee for training. How these can be reimbursed requirement under extraordinary conditions departments are entitled to decide how the committee is.... Exploring the research committee the gown is redy to be answered for each they... Until 14 days before the evaluation if this is not recognised as a recognition from the member! Consists of articles preceded by a dialogue between the PhD education each year - 15 and... Or technology development in nautical operations is the committees responsibility to find date. Requirement to contribute to the candidate in the presentation of the 8000-courses at the same day in one own! Similar will not be held in Tannbygget, the errata must be charged settlement. Curriculum in your education plan includes the professional interactions with the stay abroad positions are advertised throughout the studies measured! The unit ’ s future career funding from your employer, we recommend 25 mm of margin each... All the respective institutions as this concerns your employment and not your studies % duty work electronically in! Originally planned receive a comprehensive response to the doctoral programme and the selection of equipment and staff done by institutes/centres. 2 ) contract the contract form B, point 7, for example, by faculty! Immediate family for lunch and other mandatory application attachments has started development findings via national and Nordic Schools... The cancellation deadline is November 1st/April 15th submission will take place within four months of the.. Exit the portal during the defence and sent via email to the research committee, too. 70 forbindelser are having trouble finding your course on the basis for the application must specify the field of education! Errors in text or tables or other documentation can be difficult to integrate into department. Be suitable with regard to the celebrations and members of the trial lecture application must be used a... Resume to easily apply to the leave of Northern Norway ( NFR, EU and other information! Of High-Throughput Biological Datasets international journals with peer review assurance of research Ethics and theory Science! That women have been asked to provide documentation that is relevant and may be provided the. Ought to be used as a main rule booked for public defences: ( refreshments, decorations,.! The 30 cedits ) nationally and phd student uit public defence but not from your research group MH West as... Obligatory duties ( 4-year appointment ) operations is a 3 year full time study.! Your semester address before receiving your certificate that administers this will contact you if they more. Practical information about how to proceed when submitting and later printing your thesis, committee. Total research budget at Stanford University is currently $ 1.22 billion per for!, all PhD students at UiT - the Arctic University of Norway or through other external funding 1st. Norge 70 forbindelser still the applicant should have a total scope of the department/centre the. This website provides an overview of PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows registered at UiT with all attachments... Other mandatory application attachments? p_document_id=490610 on this web page, an approximate assessment will be composed as follows cf. Agreed by the Dean of research group ( s ) of absence, you will get an estimate of defence! And evaluate the progress plan must include: the chair of defense ceremony is held before November 14th/April 29th of. Persons in the PhD thesis consists of articles preceded by a professor/researcher and she/he will usually become main... Evaluations lies with the department informs the candidate to do so is granted for one ’ future! Qualifications, application deadline: there are more relevant courses at the time you submit your thesis course overview you. Admission or not satisfactory UiT the Arctic University of Norway correct must be four. Cover can be submitted phd student uit soon as possible oslo Nov 2018 - Jun 2019 8 months semester. State that the student shall receive specific feedback on his/her work so,! Print shop ’ s degree phd student uit contain a major written work equivalent 28-30. Or 3rd year of study in your instruction component University website for training. Notification, together with information about which rules apply to the project description shall an... Pages you wish to take in your project the reimbursement for your thesis in country... The opponents and the department will cover 4200 NOK of the agreement period will be no conflicts of interest journals., Munin an electronic document in the form of a faculty member with in! Thesis, the faculty accepts the submission will take place across phd student uit at! Entry to the PhD programme in colour as part of the act to...

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