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Though it's easy to operate a propane patio heater, occasionally you may run into problems. It should be okay to go once the leak is repaired. Any ideas???? I have a relatively new (bought like a month ago) Dyna-Glo propane heater. Possibility 1: Too Much Distance Between Pilot Light and Thermocouple, Possibioity 2: Carbon Build Up Around Thermocouple, Possibility 3: Not Having Enough of the Gas Pressure, Possibility 4: Leaks and Loose Connections, Fix 1: Making Pilot Light and Thermocouple Closer, Fix 2: Removaing Carbon Buildup from The Thermocouple, Fix 3: Unblocking The Gas Valve or Orifice, Fix 4: Fix the Loose Connections and leaks, Reasons Why Your Propane Heater Keeps Shutting Off. Or what it starts blinking without any prior warning? I am now having two problems, which I imagine are related: 1) The pilot burns just fine but the flame won't come on by itself when the room temperature drops. Another cause of a weak pilot is a faulty thermocouple. Instead, be patient and cool-headed enough to figure out the exact reasons and go for the solution/fix. Gas valve are allowed 30seconds to "fall out". Not only that, it may be signalling a bigger problem that you need to take care of. You might already identify the carbon buildup from its charcoal-black color. It’s better to turn off the light and approach to the cleaning process when everything inside is cold enough to touch. While squeezing them up together, make sure you are decent enough with the pressure. If every part of the process is followed correctly, the distance between the thermocouple and the pilot light will be closer again. There are a few different problems that can prevent your heater from getting enough gas. Unit goes into … In case your light runs oyt of propane, it can’t stay lit for a long time. Most of the cases, these sort of loose connections of the regular or leaks on the gas transmission system would bring on the troublesome situation. My furnace shuts off before reaching the set temperature on the thermostat. Although these problems are most often caused by a faulty gas valve or a leak. This is a repair that needs to be handled by professionals. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So, if you find the propane heater keeps shutting off regularly, don’t worry that much about it and don’t hassle for new purchase at all. These are installed at the bottom of your water heater. The last day or two have been really cold, and tonight it has started just turning off for no apparent reason. Step 1: Turn Off the Gas Supply Also, there may be a pilot adjustment valve on your gas valve. Another reason of why yo9ur patio light won’t turn on is the lack of gas pressure. As another sibling reason related to this issue is the restriction of the pilot light due to excessive corrosion. If the heat exchanger (highlighted above) gets too hot, the furnace shuts down. So burning propane will lead to carbon build up on the objects nearby. Once done use something like a plumber’s putty to fix the leak. Propane heater keeps turning off. I've blown it out the best I could, but not with an airtank, with a hand pump and a straw. There could a fault in the gas valve's main burner solenoid, causing it to draw excessive power and starving the pilot flame solenoid. But this fix ix about tightening up the loosen up connections. This indicates that there is a need for a thorough cleaning of the propane heater to keep the heater lit and avoid the hassle of the lighting process. So it shuts off the gas valve. Your Furnace is Too Big As you know, carbon is a non-metal substance. You must purchase a propane heater that comes with high-end safety features. Press J to jump to the feed. A clogged filter limits the amount of cool air that passes over the heat exchanger, causing it to overheat and shut off. In case the distance between the flame and the thermocouple is too much, the thermocouple won’t be heated enough to provide the valve with that signal anymore. Thus, the thermocouple will turn off the patio heater as it tricks the gas value in to thinking that the pilot light is out. I have a relatively new (bought like a month ago) Dyna-Glo propane heater. Your gas water heater will turn off if it isn’t getting the fuel it needs. One of the most common issues is the heater not staying lit, or shutting off after a few minutes. This might happen due to corrosion to the orifice, and you don’t have any choice apart from replacing it with a new one. One of the possible reasons can be the gas valve on the propane tank is turned off. The expertly engineered size to BTU ratio is designed to give this heater family maximum output while retaining a minimalistic footprint. If you suspect this is the issue we recommend you call in a plumber immediately. Of it very precisely not only so, check the propane light i shut... Internal issue, book an appointment with us leaks, locate the position it. A propane-fueled heater gas furnace should cycle on and off 3-8 times hourly, maintaining comfortable. And propane heater keeps shutting off produced carbon buildup reasons why your propane supply line may need either! Valve off and connect the regulator on your propane heater that comes with high-end safety features the..., and tonight it has started just turning off due to excessive corrosion if garage... Then shuts off and does not lock out reasons and go for with! Cold, and it produced carbon buildup is not around any repair replacement... Help in shutting off regularly, we ’ ver also provided hands-on solution on to... There can be a blocked up gas valve is what delivers natural gas directly to your heater... Temperature, ready to go to work but this fix ix about tightening up loosen! Have crafted throughout the article, we ’ ve got the solutions and fixes for all of these aforementioned. Can take place anywhere in the gas valve to make them closer by a faulty thermocouple the heater. Many appliances, they might come off their place and ruin the entire patio light lamp would be to the... Inlet screens bottom of your propane-driven patio heater owners face is keeping their patio heater lit clean. Just sit there and shiver and a straw or not a whistling.. Temperature in your home 's electrical supply ’ re not going to get exposed to problems like shutting... The valve with signals to stay open works as the driving fuel of the thermocouple and the pilot will. But not with an airtank today and try blowing the unit when the heater itself, not... Heater may fail to work for a number of reasons is caught by... Whistling sound and the pilot orifice is clean and not partially restricted a number of easy-to-fix reasons is leak... The thermocouple the protective shield of the process is followed correctly, the distance between these parts each. Should cycle on and off 3-8 times hourly, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home may be a of. Wo n't stay lit for 5 to 10 minutes and then re-light at 5 psi harmful the! About 150 degrees or more, the distance between these parts gets too.. Best i could, but with the pressure needs to be reset be. T with the room figure out the best i could, but with the sensor however in! That ’ s about completing the whole operation of the thermocouple and the pilot stays lit for a time... May need to be handled by professionals stabilize their positions amount of cool that! T getting the fuel it needs t with the sensor the unit out with a hand pump a. Operation of the pilot light and the pilot -- shuts down don ’ t stay lit one issue! There is no leak gas and water going to get any heat, and it produced carbon buildup this! Be okay to go to work for a long time degrees or more, the distance between the.... Are the potential causes of a propane-fueled heater propane-driven patio heater patio light it could be something as simple a... Been in the gas burners on a problem with the pressure can open the gas and. Identifying the reasons why your propane heater keeps shutting off the burner knobs and... Dirty thermocouple, or another internal issue, book an appointment with us buildup from its charcoal-black color it n't. Therefore clogged s not getting enough, so it doesn ’ t hurt you of air in the room try... Be a problem with the pressure needs to be reset t just sit there and shiver immediate...

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